Tissa Alouette DeNoir

If anything could describe the life, education and experiences of Tissa, it is various and unusual. Tissa has had the opportunity to live, work and study in multiple states and overseas in Japan. She has had experience in administration, education, management, marketing and human resources. It is through her varied background that she has had unique learning opportunities, cultural experiences, and truly enjoys educating and sharing knowledge with others.

Tissa has also had the pleasure of entertaining, performing, and creating bespoke items, all for the enjoyment and experience. This has given her an appreciation for vintage, custom and bespoke creations, sustainable fashion, and alternatives to mass production. She has developed a unique personal style, just out of step with most modern fashions, though infinitely more glamorous.

Tissa's goal in life is to live well, create beauty in the world, and leave a legacy to be proud of for future generations. Her dream is to combine the glamour of the past, and the values of the future, for a complete aesthetic experience and lifestyle.


Available for Bookings as a mermaid performer for both child , adult and corporate events.

Swimming, modeling, brand representation, education and entertainment.


Monochromatic Photography

Vintage and aesthetic

geometric and artistic

Travel photography meets vintage lifestyle


Modern Film Noir

Vintage aesthetic and lifestyle influenced by a love of storytelling.

Film Noir is an expression of the dramatic and seedier side of the world.