Erwin DeNoir

Erwin has had the distinct pleasure to experience a great many things in his life, including foreign travel within the military, where he served as a Marine for six years and developed strong interpersonal and leadership skills. He first began his journey into customer service, special events and the adult beverage industry during his military service, where he would host and coordinate leisure events for embassy personnel.

After the military, he continued his interest in the adult beverage industry with his first bartending position, while he self studied. Believing that it would be a permanent and enjoyable interest in his life, he has continued to improve his knowledge, experience, technique, taste palette and enjoys experimenting with original blends. He spends most of his personal time seeking new experiences and further training, On top of his necessary licenses, he is now a certified Bourbon Steward and studying for his next certification as a Specialist of Spirits.

His goal in Hospitality is to create an aesthetically relaxing and comfortable environment for guests to enjoy and to continue his education in Fermentation Sciences.